Monday, March 19, 2012

Introductory Post about Payrollbuilder Timeclock's Website

Thank you for visiting! My name is Greg Holbert, and this blog was created to inform you about all things Payroll! Our payroll services website is and we are a very affordable payroll software for your small business needs. Payrollbuilder is an online payroll service, which makes it simple to use and easy to access. Here's a screenshot of our site:

Click this hyperlink for our online payroll service

We encourage you to let us be your small business payroll software, here are our site's features:
This is another link to our small business payroll software

  • Print Checks Online
  • Quarterly & Year-End Tax E-Filing
  • Print W3/W2 Forms
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Employee Web Access

 And here's a list of our prices!
Yep, image link to website, yadda yadda payroll gross pay net pay
  • One State
  • Five Employees
  • $1/mo each additional employee
  • $5/mo each additional state
As you see we are very affordable and are American owned and operated. Let Payrollbuilder give you an affordable payroll service that can help your small business shine, so visit us today!

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