Friday, March 23, 2012

Online Payroll News: Notebook theft leaks London police payroll data

This person could be calling you for your information, don't let them have it!

Taken from:

Three laptops containing payroll details for London's Metropolitan Police have been stolen from LogicaCMG, a British IT services company. The burglary took place on Thursday evening, but was discovered by staff at Logica's London offices on Friday morning. Approximately half of the Metropolitan Police's employees are thought to have been affected. The police force is in the process of notifying its workers of the theft.

Logica processes the Metropolitan Police payroll and pensions. The Metropolitan Police declined to comment on exactly what details had been stolen, or confirm how many employees had been affected, because of the ongoing investigation. Sources close to the inquiry claimed that the laptops contained the payroll and pension details of more than 15,000 Metropolitan Police officers.

the full article can be read here

Does this look a little fishy to anyone else but me?
I find that usually when people can get in right at the moment a shift change is occurring, there is usually two reasons:
1) It was an inside job
2) They've been watching the place and figured out their patterns

I see the first reason being the most plausible because most good police officers would notice if someone was watching their precinct since they're used to doing their own stakeouts and the like for catching criminals. This excerpt says they found the guy, but it still looks a little fishy,

"A man has been arrested in connection with the burglary, which police believe was opportunistic, not targeted, and perpetrated by somebody external to the company."

 So one man sneaks into the police department during a shift change, and takes 3 laptops...Something's not adding up and I think more people are involved in this than they're letting on.

What do you think? Was this an isolated incident, or part of something bigger?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time Clock Review: 3 Free Time Clocks for Your Website or log

If you're in the market looking for a time clock for your blog or website, look no further than these 3 websites: and

All offer pretty much the same thing(a free clock) and have great customization options, but are also very different in not only their layout, but their presentation.

First, I'll be reviewing
Site image for Payrollbuilder Online Service Blog

Their list of parameters is relatively small, only allowing you to change the size, color, and location. The clock is transferred to your website or blog with html code. As an added bonus to the not-so-steller clock, they give blog assistance in what they call "hints for popular blog hosts."

The site is relatively well made, with an extremely easy-to-use interface and complementary color scheme.

Final Verdict: Not a bad site for a free clock, but not a particularly unique one either. Final score 5/10

Next, we have
Site Image for Payrollbuilder Human Resource Management Blog

Now we're cooking! This site offers a digital option as well as the standard analog clock, as well as a Time Banner, which shows random times from around the world. It's interesting, but the uses are limited.

Final Verdict: This site has a leg up on Worldtimeserver, but not by much. With the addition of the digital and Time Banner, it beats it's competitor. 7/10

Finally, the last site we're going to be reviewing is
Site image for Payrollbuilder Payroll Software Program Blog

Wow, is all I can say. For a free clock this site has it all. Different shines, number styles, lines, and even themes all make a very high-quality time clock. No digital option, but a clock is a clock, am I right?

Final Verdict: This one I like the most out of the three, but the lack of a digital clock still keeps it from being perfect. 9/10

We hope you find one of these clocks useful, and be sure to give them social media credit if you do use them. They're all great websites and have great free services for anyone who takes the time to visit!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Introductory Post about Payrollbuilder Timeclock's Website

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