Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arkansas Top State Salaries 2011

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This database contains salaries of employees from all state agencies as well as public universities and colleges. The information for employees making less than $100,000 was collected through Freedom of Information Act requests filed in October 2011 and reflects employee data from the 2011-2012 fiscal year. Salaries of $100,000 and more reflect information collected in February 2012. Salaries and compensation are only shown for those earning more than $37,823, the equivalent of $18.18 per hour, the median household income level in Arkansas as determined by the U.S. Census.

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Bobby Petrino/University of Arkansas-Fayetteville/h. football coach/$2,985,000.00
Mike Anderson/University of Arkansas-Fayetteville/h. basketball coach/$2,200,000.00
Gus Malzahn/Arkansas State University – Jonesboro/h. football coach/$850,000.00
John D. Day/UAMS/chair, neurosurgery/$648,327.00
Richard Hampton Turnage/UAMS/chair, surgery/$630,129.00
Michiaki Imamura/UAMS/chief, cardiovascular surgery, CH/$629,838.00
Daniel Rahn/UAMS/chancellor/$612,000.00
Stephen Canon/UAMS/chief, pediatric urology, CH/$575,000.00
Thomas G. Pait/UAMS/prof., phys./$550,000.00
Richard Nicholas/UAMS/chair, orthopedics/$524,581.00
Curtis L. Lowery/UAMS/chair, ob-gyn/$511,163.00
Philip J. Kenney/UAMS/chair, radiology/$501,000.00
Samuel D. Smith/UAMS/prof., phys., CH/$490,000.00
Tom D. Collen/University of Arkansas-Fayetteville/h. bskball coach/$485,034.00
Christopher T. Westfall/UAMS/chair, opthalmology/$485,000.00
Vaneerat Ratanatharathorn/UAMS/chair, radiation oncology/$482,864.00
Debra H. Fiser/UAMS/dean-College of Med./$481,185.00
Paul Vincent Petrino/University of Arkansas-Fayetteville/offensive co./$475,000.00
Paul J. Haynes III/University of Arkansas-Fayetteville/defensive co./$475,000.00
Jeff Long/University of Arkansas-Fayetteville/VC-athletics/$475,000.00
Frederick R. Bentley/UAMS/prof., phys./$467,000.00
Richard J. Jackson/UAMS/prof., phys., CH/$452,000.00
Gregory W. Albert/UAMS/asst. prof., phys., CH/$450,000.00
Carmelita S. Pablo/UAMS/chair, anesthesiology/$437,000.00
Robert Todd Maxson/UAMS/assoc. prof., phys., CH/$432,400.00 

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