Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Common Payroll Mistakes Infographic

An infographic highlighting the ten most common mistakes in payroll, featuring the consequences as reflected in an office environment and the ways in which they can be resolved. Sources are SurePayroll, AllBusiness, IRIS and Intuit.
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  2. 1. It affects the morale and attitude of your workers. If, for instance, releasing their pay is constantly delayed, some of them might start to question the financial stability of your company. This, in turn, may result to them under performing in their respective tasks, hurting the overall productivity of your enterprise.

    2. It helps in establishing the reputation of your company. A reliable and well-done payroll is a sign that you are a stable and dependable employer. This will help you maintain and attract potential talented workers who will help propel your business endeavours towards success.

    3. It makes your employees feel their worth. It is because their salaries contain their just compensation, which can range from their benefits to their salaries. Having a properly managed payroll helps your workers see that they are treated well by your company.

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